skin rejuvenation services

exfoliatingOur natural aging process along
with lifestyle choices will impact
the appearance of our skin

External factors, like the sun, create fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots, and rough skin. Natural or intrinsic aging issues include less frequent exfoliation of dead skin cells and loss of collagen. As a result, the skin will appear sallow and less hydrated.

*Individual results may vary from person to person.

Exfoliation treatments are designed to create a uniform and controlled shedding of the dead skin cells. The result is improved tone and texture, softening of fine lines, and lightening of uneven pigmentation. Additionally, exfoliation assists the skin in building lost collagen and helps anti-aging products to more successfully penetrate the skin.

Exfoliation is accomplished either through a chemical or physical process. Aesthetic peels are chemical while microdermabrasion is the physical treatment utilized at the Center for Cosmetic Dermatology.

Through a complimentary skin care analysis, our trained medical providers will determine the most effective treatment and product regime to address your skin care concerns.

Chemical Peels:

Chemical Peel treatments result in healthier, smoother, and more evenly toned skin by causing mild to moderate peeling of the skin’s outermost layers. Peels are effective in treating many concerns including acne, brown spots, and fine lines. These treatments also assist in building collagen. For best results, we recommend a series of treatments administered every 4- 6 weeks. Please inquire with your aesthetician to find out which peel and schedule is appropriate for your skin care concerns.

*Individual results may vary from person to person.

We offer the following types of peels:

Glycolic Salicylic Alpha-Beta Pro Pumpkin
Lactic Amino Acid Enzyme
We also carry Young Pharmaceutical and SkinMedica peels.

Learn More About Our SkinMedica Peels

Deep peels performed by a Physician or Physician Assistant:

TCA • DCA • Jessner’s


Utilizing a controlled spray of fine mineral crystals, this treatment helps to reduce or eliminate many textural and pigmentation irregularities resulting from acne, sun exposure, and aging. Skin will be noticeably smoother and fresher after the first treatment. Microdermabrasion also has little to no “down time” and regular activities can be resumed immediately. It is often referred to as a “lunch time” treatment because of the lack of recovery needed.

We recommend a series of treatments spaced 4- 6 weeks apart.

*Individual results may vary from person to person.

Power Peel Treatment

By preparing the skin with microdermabrasion, the skin is better able to absorb the chemical peel giving you heightened results. Following the chemical peel, a soothing mask calms the skin. This treatment may be received monthly, but is not suitable for those with very sensitive skin.

Visual Changes Designer Peels

These peels combine botanicals and trusted chemical peeling agents to address a wide variety of concerns and skin types. Each peel blends exfoliators, anti-inflammatories, and antioxidants to deliver real results with no to minimal downtime. All of our peels address, to varying degrees, lines and wrinkles.


  • 30% Lactic- addresses dryness, very light brown spots. Safe for those with rosacea.
  • Fade and Firm Plus- addresses brown spots and firmness.
  • CA-AHA-BHA- addresses large pores, shallow acne scarring, and brown spots.
  • Modified Jessners Antioxidant- addresses active acne, brown spots and large pores.

*Individual results may vary from person to person.