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Expert Cosmetic Dermatology
Since 2004

The Center for Cosmetic Dermatology was established by provider owners of Dermatology Associates of York as a result of our patients’ increasing requests for cosmetic treatments. Prior to 2004, our Dermatologists had been performing cosmetic services within the medical practice. However, it become apparent that a dedicated center was needed not only to meet the needs of our cosmetic patients but also to address  the increasing market demand for these services.


We Hope to Be Your First and Only Choice for All Your Skin Care Needs!

The Center for Cosmetic Dermatology employs a trained, dedicated, and professional staff committed to addressing patients’ skin care needs. The practice is supervised by a team of board-certified dermatologists and providers. Our affiliation with Dermatology Associates allows us to manage all our patients’ skin care needs – both medical and cosmetic. The goal of the center is to consistently exceed patient expectations, foster a relationship based on trust, and to exhibit integrity in all of our interactions while adhering to high medical standards.

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