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Acne 101 – What Causes It and Why Do I Have It?

Acne involves the sebaceous glands of our skin and affects both adolescents and adults. Hormonal changes, stress, and other factors can cause the glands to produce excessive oil to help keep our skin from drying out. This results in a build-up of dead skin cells and bacteria that become trapped in the pore. The visible outcome is acne. Fortunately, the Center for Cosmetic Dermatology has treatments specifically designed for patients suffering from acne. Treatment options include changes in a patient’s skin care regime and specialized peels/facials. There is no need to be ashamed of your breakouts. The Center for Cosmetic Dermatology offers consultations and exceptional products that will give you the skin you desire. If you are looking for even more skin education, review Skin 101 to learn how to care for your skin.

Acne Treatments

Aesthetic acne peels are designed to help exfoliate the skin and clear acne lesions. After carefully cleansing and preparing the skin, the aestheticians may also “extract” areas of the skin to aid in the resolution of the acne breakouts. Following our acne peels, a serum and mask are applied to calm the skin and speed the healing process. In conjunction with a solid skincare regime to help maintain and control the acne, treatments are best administered 4 – 6 weeks apart. Specific peels for acne treatments include the following:

Customized Acne Peels

The Center for Cosmetic Dermatology offers several specialized peels to address acne for a wide age range of patients. Our aestheticians will evaluate a patient’s condition and make the best recommendation. Additionally, one of our customized peel lines features a home care regime to support the outcome of this treatment. The Rx Acne Peel is designed for moderate to severe acne lesions. It also includes the appropriate acids for exfoliation and extractions as needed.

acne treatment before and after

Acne Treatments We Provide:

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