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Helping Patients With Facial Veins & Rosacea

Center for Cosmetic Dermatology specializes in effective treatment options for various cosmetic issues, including facial veins and rosacea. Patients in Hanover, Camp Hill and York, PA trust us to treat their flushed appearance and unsightly veins with cutting-edge technology while being transparent about treatment. The cause of rosacea is unknown, but an overactive immune system, environmental factors, or heredity may be responsible. This condition is not contagious, and poor hygiene does not cause it. Rosacea seldom goes away over time if you don’t treat it, and its appearance may increase as you age. Our cosmetic professionals can treat your veins and rosacea safely and with minimal discomfort and downtime using laser treatment to resolve redness and visible veins.

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The Power of Laser Treatments

Rosacea and facial veins can make you uncomfortable in your own skin, but Center for Cosmetic Dermatology can help you regain confidence by removing redness and vein appearance. You may see results after our highly trained staff performs as few as two to four laser treatments. Modern laser technology lets us remove small, spider-like veins from your nose and face (telangiectasia) safely and effectively. These tiny, broken veins may be hereditary, or you could have a skin condition called rosacea. This condition involves your check and nose skin tending to flush easily, resulting in your veins showing. Your skin may turn permanently red over time. Laser treatment can be incredibly effective at removing these broken veins and reducing your skin’s redness.

Our cosmetic dermatology clinic treats your facial veins and redness from rosacea using a Vbeam Perfecta laser. The Candela Vbeam is proven to treat these conditions effectively and with minimal side effect risks, minimal discomfort, and little to no downtime. Treating these conditions is generally considered cosmetic, and insurance usually won’t cover it. You don’t need anesthesia for this laser treatment, and we perform it on an outpatient basis. After treatment, you can expect bright redness in your treated area (like a sunburn) for several days. Typically, patients can expect an average of two to four treatments to obtain their desired results, but this depends on the individual.

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